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Development Compliance Partners s.r.l. (or “DCP” for short)
is a dynamic and independent company established in 2011 by a group of professionals who, both as company managers and as professionals, have worked, at times together, in various national and international companies.
We are convinced that our experience, together with our multidisciplinary expertise, enables DCP to provide effective and qualified assistance in the field of compliance and organisation.
Our business is based on trust, in-depth knowledge of the law, effective analysis and an appropriate response.
Doing business is complex and increasingly a challenge that is played out at global level. The DCP team’s expertise and interdisciplinary nature allows them to identify the issues to be addressed, the methodology to be followed and the possible solutions in each individual case.

We believe that the personal and trusting relationship that is created between client and professional is still an added value and one that can make a difference.
We never try to impose a standardised work model but, through the creation of a team profiled to the client’s needs and through the constant involvement of partners, we pursue customised work methods and solutions.
Our approach:
Ask – Listen – Solve
is based on responsibility and professionalism, taking into account the different roles of the professional and the client. We believe that “teaming up” allows effective results to be achieved, tailored to each individual situation.
The values and work methods that have characterised DCP over the years have allowed it to assist listed companies, groups of companies, SMEs, entities, profit and non-profit associations at the same time.
The projects developed mainly concern the following industries:
Services – Entertainment, shows and theatre – Food and catering – Pharmaceuticals and chemicals – Mechanics – Electronics and software – Transport – Manufacturing and marketing of luxury goods/fashion – Healthcare – Construction – Sport – Insurance.

The DCP Headquarters

The DCP Offices are located in Via San Vittore al Teatro 3 20123 Milan, near the Metro Cordusio (line M1) and Metro Duomo (line M3) stops of the Milan metro)

Tel. 02 496 75 955