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231, Corporate Responsibility, Organisational Models, Supervisory Boards have now become public knowledge among business owners, managers and consultants. Many large and medium-sized companies and entities, operating in a wide range of sectors, have learnt to become familiar with and implement 231, both to better protect the investment and interests of their stakeholders in general, and to pursue a more efficient organisation.

DCP’s partners have been assisting companies, large, medium and even small entities, in creating or updating Organisational Models ever since the legislation came into force. This is why DCP is able to offer comprehensive and personalised support to its clients in aligning with the regulations on the administrative Liability of Entities (Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001).

DCP assists numerous Supervisory Bodies in the SB’s secretarial activities, in planning and carrying out audits and checks on the relevance and compliance with the procedures adopted.

DCP’s professionals accept assignments on the Supervisory Board directly.

Development of Project 231

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